The Factoring proposed by Banca IFIS can be used by businesses that sell goods and services and which operate in all sectors. In the case of small businesses, the key advantages of this service are as follows:
  • - permanent access to liquidity;
  • administrative and accounting support;
  • credit monitoring and the initial recovery of the credit;
  • the possibility to reduce or eliminate the risk of default on payment;
  • improvement of the process of payment of buyers.
Any type of lack of liquidity in fast growing companies is a problem. Acceleration of the flow of credit received from issued invoices is the solution to the problem. This is particularly relevant when, e.g., a firm in a dominant position forces a small supplier to accept a long-term payment. Factoring is also a good alternative to transfer credit because it is available even if the company has a low level of creditworthiness, a major problem for small and medium-sized businesses.

Factoring can only be based on existing receivables: this implies that the receivable must be based on an effective demand for goods and services that are not disputable and not expired.

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