Exporting can be the perfect solution for a company that intends to diversify its customer portfolio, thereby attaining higher margins than the national market and reducing dependence on the local economy.

Many companies are choosing to diversify their sales areas and enter into foreign markets. Entering a foreign market, however, is not as easy as selling in a domestic market. The main challenges include:
  • the search for credible business partners;
  • a lack of knowledge of the characteristics of foreign markets and their payment habits;
  • the need for long-term payments;
  • exchange rate risk.
Export Factoring is a financial service that aids sales in foreign markets: it eliminates most of the restrictions that typically are applied to Polish entrepreneurs that want to export, and in particular:
  • analysis – on the part of the factor - of the financial situation of potential foreign partners;
  • the proposed terms of payment which may be longer than those of the domestic market, and which are specific to the market of the country of destination;
  • obtaining funds in the currency of the invoice, without exchange rate risk;
  • assumption of the risk of insolvency on the part of Banca IFIS .
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