Factoring for the international market

If you operate internationally, we can offer you factoring solutions designed to meet all your liquidity requirements.

Export factoring

Through Export Factoring, you may assign a receivable claimed from a foreign customer to us: we are committed to managing your receivable, overseeing the collection process and, in the case of non-recourse factoring, we also take on the risk of insolvency of the foreign customer.

Import factoring

We have designed, for businesses that export their products to Romania and/or for Romanian businesses that import from abroad, a service under which we can purchase – even outright – the receivable assigned, as well as overseeing collection and taking on the risk of default.



Our solutions help planning cash flows correctly easier, as well as the proper scaling of financial expenses.

Cost efficiency

Collection of funds in the currency of the invoice, with no exchange rate risk.

No risks

We support you in developing new business customers without the risk of losing sales revenue through customer default.

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