Factoring for the domestic market

Thanks to our knowledge of the country, we can finance your business by advancing trade receivables, while giving you the opportunity to increase your sales revenue.

Services offered

We offer services for managing receivables advance payment, payment guarantee and mitigation of risk that debtor will be insolvent. We also develop tailored solutions, allowing you to meet your liquidity needs to support the expansion of your business.

Factoring solutions

Domestic factoring

We finance, under our recourse or non-recourse factoring tool, receivables arising out of the sale of goods and services in the Romanian domestic market.

Factoring solutions

Non-recourse factoring

Thanks to our experience, we help businesses optimise the customer-debtor relationship and reduce supply chain risk, by transferring the risk of non-payment of your foreign customer to us. We handle receivables collection management directly.

Factoring solutions

Recourse factoring

Our services address companies that are looking to factor their trade receivables. We manage collection and administration, so that the assignor company may receive an advance on assigned receivables.

Factoring solutions

Reverse factoring

We offer a financial service offering full solutions for medium and large companies, managing relationships with suppliers and extending payment settlement terms.

Factoring solutions

Maturity factoring

We develop and provide specialised solutions for companies that require timely financial planning.

Factoring solutions

Advance on future receivables

We provide the option of financing through an advance on future receivables, arising out of contracts entered into with corporate customers.

Factoring solutions

Public Administration factoring

We also evaluate transactions with State Entities or companies owned by the Public Administration, managing and factoring the trade receivables portfolio to obtain required cash funds.


Effective receivables management

A significant increase in the company’s sales revenue, thanks to disposal of trade receivables and optimisation of working capital.

Mitigation of credit risk

It means mitigating the risk of receivables loss due to any customer financial difficulties.

Financing investments

Advance payment of receivables supports investment processes, optimising the use of external funds.

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