Factoring – offered services

Banca IFIS offers customized solutions.

We know that each of our customers is different, and has different needs: for this reason, we work to find the best solutions which satisfy the specific requests of each customer.

Management of receivables. It includes booking all invoices that are part of the factoring agreement as well as monitoring customer invoices, payment within the invoice deadlines, monitoring and analysis of invoice payment and ensuring that the supplier is updated on the status (payment delays, disputes, etc..).
Managing control over credit requires time and resources which can be used in more effective ways, thereby allowing the supplier to focus on its primary business and on the development of commercial relations.

Payment in advance of credit provides access to financial resources that are otherwise blocked within issued invoices. The advance amount is typically up to 100% of the credit amount. Obtaining an advance on payments provides an opportunity to meet working capital needs and allows a company to pay earlier and obtain discounts from suppliers; in addition, it allows for the acquisition of goods or raw materials that are necessary in order to manage new orders from one’s customers.

A payment guarantee offers the certainty of receiving the payment on the established date, thereby rendering the assets easier to manage. This proposal targets companies whose liquidity does not require specific actions but which desire to accurately plan financial flows without having to resort to bank credit in the case of liquidity problems of one's buyers. This service is particularly important when the supplier delays the payment given that it has also been subject to delayed payment from its purchasers.

Assuming the risk of the insolvent debtor will result in Banca IFIS taking on any risk relative to the financial situation of the supplier and the possibility that he/she may not pay for the supplied goods and services due to a state of insolvency. As a general rule, coverage of credit for selected buyers is guaranteed after an evaluation of their financial situation. Within this realm, Banca IFIS guarantees that, in the case of insolvency of the debtor and in the absence of disputes on the invoices, it will not put forth claims with respect to its customer.