Banca IFIS allows all entrepreneurs with foreign shareholders operating in Romania to start up business activities in this Country. We are ready to discuss any Factoring solution that is available within the European market. We are known for an individual approach with our customers that aims to reach a solution on the basis of individual needs and expectations. We typically prepare all contractual documentation in both Romanian and Italian (an English version is also available). Our staff is capable of interacting in both English and Italian with the top management of foreign companies in Romania or with the representatives of foreign shareholders in Romanian companies.

Financing is provided in the currency of the invoices, more typically in RON, EUR and USD, but other types of currencies are also possible.

Our Factoring service is utilized by customers that belong to multinationals or large industrial groups in order to improve the annual accounts and financial statements of their Romanian offices or branches. In addition, we offer non-recourse factoring which allows our customers to not include the invoices bought by Banca IFIS within their financial statements. This allows for a decrease: within the reserve of expired or potentially non-collectable receivables as well as in the total for invoices and therefore also within the total financial statements. A more rapid cash flow - resulting from the acquisition of the amount of the invoices - also reduces the demand for credit to the bank which, in turn, will positively influence the relationship of own capital and external capital within the accounts.

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