Banca IFIS Spa Italia operates in Romania as a Representative Company in order to facilitate relations with Romanian clientele and by offering both an export factoring service for Italy and for other EU countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary as well as by targeting the Romanian domestic market.

Our range of services also includes non-recourse factoring, maturing factoring and factoring for suppliers of the public administration.

We provide financing to companies both in Euro, in other foreign currencies, and in the Romanian currency, and to both groups of purchasers as well as individual beneficiaries. In the case of the latter, we can finance the commercial credit of important companies which acquire goods and services from a large number of small suppliers.

Our fame within the Romanian market is due to our approach which is customized to the needs of the customer and is based on the highest European standards. Operating in the business loan, distressed loan and tax credit sectors, the Banca IFIS Group (Fitch, BB+, outlook stable) has a solid, sustainable and diversified business model that allows it to achieve profitable results that continue to grow. Its operations concentrate on the Italian market, operating throughout the country without traditional bank tellers. Founded in 1983 by Sebastien Egon Furstenberg, the current Chairman, Banca IFIS has been listed on the Milan stock exchange since 2003 (Star segment).